A consolation in London North Centre

At least Dianne Haskett can go back to Washington now – please. But she was uncomfortably tight, for a such a proper lady, against Elizabeth May in the end who has to be pleased with her second place finish.

Congratulations Glen Pearson. You’d better book yourself a hospitality suite in Montreal this weekend with more than a few national campaigners to thank.

The final results (253/253 polls):

Liberal Glen Pearson: 34.9%
Green Elizabeth May: 25.9%
(Ultra-)Conservative Dianne Haskett: 24.4%
NDipper Megan Walker: 14.1%
3 others’ combined total: 0.7%

Meanwhile, in Repentigny, QC, former sex trade worker-turned-priest Raymond Gravel easily won for the Bloc with 2/3 of the total vote; his nearest competitor, the Conservative, had just 18.7%. New Democrat Réjean Bellemare garnered a respectable, if still disappointing, 7 percent, but a small moral victory inasmuch as he was ahead of Liberal Christian Turenne’s 6.2%.

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