World AIDS Day Petition: NDP’s Brian Masse launches urgent call to action

On the occasion of World AIDS Day, please take the time to download and sign our NDP petition demanding that the Conservative government live up to its promise on AIDS funding.

Every day, 6,300 people in Africa die of HIV/AIDS, yet not a single pill has been exported under the act passed in May 2004 to make less expensive HIV/AIDS drugs available to developing and least-developed countries.

The Liberals reneged on their promise to deliver on generic drugs, and now the Conservatives are taking their turn running away from the problem of AIDS at a time when action is urgently needed.

“It is time for the Conservatives to take concrete action to address this pressing human tragedy that is killing millions of people across the world,” said Masse. “The Canadian government cannot afford to stand by idly any longer.”

Completed petitions can be sent postage-free to Brian Masse, MP, Room 701 Justice Building, House of Commons. K1A 0A6.

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