More on Brad Lavigne (irritants I’d forgotten)

Robert McClelland (My Blahg) correctly points out that it’s more than just the matter of blogs that has the NDP lagging. It’s the web sites.

While the hit-and-miss timeliness of updates to local riding association sites is one thing that irks me to no end, it is quite another inexcusable matter that the resources of the national party were so poorly used in cyberspace during the recent federal by-elections (and, as Robert points out, the London North Centre riding still redirects to Megan Walker’s campaign or, as I found when I looked, it still announces the nomination meeting for that long-past by-election!)

That Brad Lavigne does not inspire confidence from NDP bloggers says more than my wish that he’d just improve communications with party members and reflects a wider discontent in a would-be 21st century party that communicates with 20th century tools.

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2 thoughts on “More on Brad Lavigne (irritants I’d forgotten)

  1. Kuri

    I don’t get it. Aren’t riding association websites the responsibility of the riding associations? I really wonder what’s going in Ontario that there can be so much success with (seemingly) so much disorganization.

    I haven’t been happy with communications either. But I don’t know the group in Ottawa to really know whether that can all be placed on Brad Lavigne’s head or the blame should be spread out among a larger circle.

  2. Kenn Chaplin

    Fair enough, but I think the national party could do more to help local riding associations with their web-sites and encourage better interconnectedness with

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