Modeling a better self-image

So another Thursday, another great visit with my social worker (MSW candidate) at Mount Sinai.

My Cognitive Therapy homework this week, although we try not to call it homework, is to try on a thought to see how it fits.

The thought goes something like this, “I am a writer and an AIDS activist.” Hardly profound.

To test it, I am to try to live out, to put into practice, an observation – which took most of the hour to get to – that I have used a shitload of life experience to try to improve the world.

This might seem like less of a stretch to you, who send such positive feedback, than it often feels to me – and, no, I’m not fishing for compliments ‘cuz I hardly know what to do with them anyway 🙂

The hour proceeded through a mine-field of issues, listed in the tags and well documented in this blog, including the stigma I raised earlier in the week, Dean’s death, etc. True to form, however, K.E. sculpted the conversation back to the positive ending which brought about the above statements.

If I understand my assignment correctly, I am to just immerse myself in the work that I am so passionate about – blogging, the social justice activities of my faith community, and being so “out there” with my experiences in childhood, the wayward 20s, AIDS – to reinforce that I am not just the sum of all the troubles that got me to where I am today but , rather, something of a vital human being as a result.

Not bad for an afternoon’s work which followed two hours of The Sopranos last evening!

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