Satire du jour

I know Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins and the like have trouble with those of us, still within the elasticized edges of liberal Christianity, but I hope they would understand how I get it when it comes to poking fun at some of The Church’s idiosyncrasies and fallen idols (unworshipped of course), as The King James Version of humour, Mrs. Betty Bowers , does so nicely here.

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2 thoughts on “Satire du jour

  1. Wow!! I luve her!!! Thanks Kenn. What a great writer, talk about a razor’s edge. I wish I could write like that. I’m sorry to hear that you are a Christian, but many good people are. Some of the best in fact. But to my scientific and Scottish mystic mind it has become such a destructive thing…that I’m afraid I now believe that we have no choice but to throw out the baby with the bath water…

  2. Well, and I know this is nuancing on the head of a pin, the “Christians” I hang with are with one of the most liberal congregations within one of the most liberal Christian denominations (United Church) in Canada.

    There’s a whole lot of stuff, such as any notion of Bible as recorded history, many of the more universalist among us take liberties to discard.

    I neither believe anyone has to believe nor do my concepts of spirituality include a puppeteer-style divinity.

    But…I know…if I hadn’t grown up around it I might just be a secular political junkie.

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