Much gnashing of teeth in snowy T-O

When the snow stops falling in Toronto it might be ankle deep…okay but, in heeled boots, that’s deep!  Holy smoke! Bump the weather up in the national headlines! (CBC’s “The National” newscaster, Peter Mansbridge, has a cold; all the more reason.)

It’s mid-February and this city-which-would-be-a-province is experiencing a bit of winter. Big deal! The panic is embarrassing.

The view through my Accu-Window shows a wind blowing natural gas chimney smoke due south which means, in addition to the bit of snow, it’s a little bit colder than we are used to as well.

The absurdity of the Toronto-centric media was evident this morning when CBC Newsworld showed local merchants pushing a skiff of snow off the sidewalks while Heather “Today…today…today” Hiscox waxed on about a winter wallop. (Meanwhile, a forty-five minute drive west or north, and the CBC could have found a foot-and-a-half of snow that has forced school boards to haul buses off the roads.)

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