An ‘Artist Date’ with winter in Toronto

Following another very good session with K.E., the M.S.W. student/counselor I’ve been seeing through the Clinic for HIV-Related Concerns at Mount Sinai Hospital, I took myself on an ‘artist date’ as prescribed/described in The Artist’s Way, a book whose covers I have not actually cracked open for a few years (note to self…)

Under brilliant sunshine, if also biting winds, I set out on a photographer’s walk. (The sun and wind combined to give me a burn on my face.) First I went for some pictures at Toronto’s City Halls (old and new). Click twice on each for an enlarged view. Cropped, and otherwise edited, copies can be seen in my Webshots gallery at


From there, at Queen and Bay Streets, I walked south through the financial district to a favourite urban park/public space of mine at Toronto Dominion Centre (much more pleasant in warmer weather, I grant you). Here’s a sculpture of a stool, perfect to sit on to see the CN Tower through the space between two of the buildings.


Just across the street is BCE Place, another massive office-retail space whose TD-Canada Trust Tower features magnificent cathedral-style ceilings.


After doing a bit of shopping (two scarves – one for me now and one exactly the same for a Christmas gift…how smart is that?!) my feet boots were starting to weigh me down so I stopped by a branch of my credit union at Ryerson University for some cash (no fees, hooray!) and headed home through Allan Gardens (other spring time photos from there can be seen at the aforementioned Webshots gallery).


As you can see dusk was coming on, and the sun was no longer providing what little warmth it had been earlier, so I stopped by a convenience store for some snacks and came home to Emma who, naturally, was delighted to see me.


It’s now mid-evening and I haven’t a clue what I’ve missed all day. For all I know the war in Iraq could be over and Stephen Harper’s re-considered his stand on Kyoto…yeah, right 🙂

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5 thoughts on “An ‘Artist Date’ with winter in Toronto

  1. So glad to see you were able to get out and take some photos! Isn’t it therapeutic to wander about capturing life through a camera’s eye? My camera’s been unused for too long… sigh.

    Also wanted to say that your cat is beautiful! How old is she now?

  2. Hi Jennie, and thanks for the comments.

    Emma is just coming up on her eighth birthday. She was part of a spring litter of a friend’s adopted stray cat. (I think I was drawn to her because she was the quietest of the bunch.) That has changed, most notably when I am on the telephone. Either she thinks I’m talking to her, and is responding, or she knows I’m not talking to her and is peeved because she rants and meows until the conversation is over!

    As I reflect on my enjoyment of photography I am reminded of a photography project back in college, using traditional SLR equipment, that went horribly wrong. Maybe I’ll write about that some time. It was supposed to be, and eventually was, a photo journalism documentary on a transit system in the small town where I was attending college. Before it was completed I had called home, crying that I was sure I was going to fail my year, etc., etc. – but I managed to get it done and, while not remarkable, it got me a passing grade in that particular course. (I’ve never gone back to SLR cameras which is why I am so enthusiastic about photography when I’ve got my trusty digital – that looks like a professional SLR – with me!

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