Niagara Falls fall – even in winter

I’m just back from a thirty-six hour jaunt to Niagara Falls and environs. Whether it was the artistry of the frosted window from a couple of days ago, or the reminders that it was thirty years ago that I was itching to leave home in Quebec and go to college in Niagara, I decided to revisit the area.
I have updated my Webshots page with dozens upon dozens of pictures of Niagara Falls, and the ice show on the trees, on the last day of a February deep freeze. Last night, strolling around to look at the lights, it was so cold that the mist from the falls, as usual, soaked my clothing but then it froze so my jeans and jacket had the consistency of cardboard.

It was milder, 7 C (in the mid-40s F) as I left today and the snow was melting.

I’m sure I grew to take Niagara for granted when I lived a half hour’s drive from there going to college but I do not remember ever taking it all in, for such an extended period, during the winter – certainly not with a camera. The nearby casinos now make Niagara a year-round tourist draw but, thankfully, the crowds around the falls were much thinner than is usually the case May through September.

So excuse the repetition in my album. Believe it or not I cut out a whole lot of them. Gotta love digital cameras…

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