Texas hold ’em given sad new meaning as Canadian boy is detained by U.S. authorities

Slow to catch up on this story, as I have been, this is another extreme, and urgent, example of what can happen to any travelers whose plane, for whatever unplanned reason, enters U.S. air space or needs to land there.

Please follow the links to register your concern with Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay who, for a change, was not on CTV’s Question Period today standing on the main street of New Glasgow, Nova Scotia.

Of course, the false Greek passports will be used to indict this family, in the court of talk radio anyway, but it would not hurt Peter MacKay to remind forgetful U.S. authorities of how Canadian airports opened themselves up wide to potential missiles-as-America-bound-airliners on September 11, 2001. Just a small I.O.U. to keep cashing in…

As I said this case is an extreme example, Maher Arar being another, of what can happen when flying to or from Canada. My sister remembers well a vacation in Cuba and one of the flights, either to or from (I can’t remember which), had to land in the southern U.S.A. due to a minor mechanical difficulty. The Canadian vacationers were treated like Cold War enemies, and this was just a couple of years ago, by discourteous, sarcastic INS agents when they were escorted from their plane and corralled into a holding area of the airport.

Just wanted to add that little anecdote to make sure, if this didn’t do it, that I’m on the Bushland Security watch list. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Texas hold ’em given sad new meaning as Canadian boy is detained by U.S. authorities

  1. Thanks for posting about this and your link. And welcome to the Bushland Security watch list. I don’t feel so lonely there now… 🙂

    I’m going to put in a link to your site now. You have good content, and you aren’t afraid to tell it like it is. That’s a welcome change! Keep up the good work, and thanks again!

    (Sorry, I think I may have accidentally deleted your comment on my site…)


  2. They’re brown and in jail in Texas, they’re in big trouble.

    This blog should be titled “How to create a Jihad”

    No wonder everyone hates us.


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