Check-up report

There’s good news, more good news, and still more good news in my latest lab results.

1. My diabetes is being controlled with random glucose at 4.7 thanks, I have to say, to Metformin and Glyburide (and precious little help from many of my dietary choices, especially my sweets binges).

2. My CD-4 count is 590, stable from the last check.

3. My viral load remains below 50 copies or ‘undetectable’.

At 6’3″ my height is unchanged 🙂 and my weight is 63 kilograms (139 pounds), making my body mass index off the charts on the light side.


I am uncomfortably underweight, in the sense that my back and non-existent buttocks make sitting on any uncushioned chairs extremely difficult. I also tend to twist my underweight limbs into odd shapes which, with the neck bone connected to the ankle bone (I’ve obviously skipped over many of the links in between), causes me low-grade pain most of the time.

My doctor offered me a change in one of my antiretroviral medications (switching Zerit to Tenofavir) in the hopes that a little weight might be gained but I’ve put off a decision because of the chance that any change might bump up my viral load. I’m getting used to covering myself up, particularly my legs, even in warm weather because of the sickly look my weight gives me.

All in all, a very good visit to the doc’s.

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3 thoughts on “Check-up report

  1. Maybe we should send you to live with the mother in England.

    She’ll plump you up if you throw a fit.

    I’d fry ya a chicken if you were in town. It’s so darned good it made Hotty Hubby propose…

  2. Yay! Praise God for these great results!

    I’m happy for you!

    I hope you can gain some weight to insulate you! Or, you could just start commuting to, say, Jamaica during the cold months! 🙂

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