Student newspaper “opinion” piece on HIV/AIDS needs some work

I came across this in the Brock Press (Brock University) as I prepared to write an upcoming short tribute to Mel Swart.

Not one to hide my light under a bushel-basket 🙂 I responded:

While Mr. Pineda might well expect a commendation from The Holy See for this, it is pretty disappointing op-ed journalism.

It is right wing, reactionary idealism worthy of Fox News or, in the Canadian context, CanWest Global (

We need to take our heads out of the sand (or wherever else they might be hiding), suspend the moralistic judgment, and work compassionately to treat people infected with HIV and prevent further infections through an approach that includes reality.

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One thought on “Student newspaper “opinion” piece on HIV/AIDS needs some work

  1. The thing is people who say things like this don’t want to solve the problem they just want to assure themselves it isn’t THEIR problem.If you make the problem seem impossible to solve then you won’t be expected to deliver results. It’s crazy, I mean we can’t make people be faithful and chaste, but condoms we gots.

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