Scotch Line car cemetery: butt ugly but environmentally compliant

I will add pictures, if I get a chance, when I view the cemeteries – human and auto body – during my Mother’s Day weekend visit to Perth.

For now, however, according to the latest correspondence from my Ministry of the Environment contact, the car wreck grave yard near the Scotch Line Cemetery is, ugliness aside, up to standard as far as the environment goes:

Hello Mr. Chaplin,

Based on your e-mail inquiry, I confirmed that Bill Kelford Autobody
shop was inspected by the Ministry’s Sector Compliance Branch in 2003.
The Sector Compliance Branch (SCB) conducts province-wide inspections
sweeps of targeted industrial and commercial operations to promote
compliance and awareness of environmental requirements. Based on the
inspection, an order under the Environmental Protection Act was issued
related to concerns about the storage and management of liquid
industrial wastes (waste oil and other vehicle operating fluids) and
sandblasting activities. The inspection did not identify any specific
environmental impacts at the site. SCB staff report that actions were
taken to remedy the concerns identified in the order.

Again, thank you for bringing your concerns to the Ministry’s attention.

Steve Burns
Ottawa District Manager

—–Original Message—–
From: Kenn Chaplin

Sent: February 27, 2007 6:58 PM
To: Burns, Steve (ENE)
Subject: RE: Concerns about a Property in Tay Valley Township

Dear Mr. Burns:

While the concerns I expressed present themselves, first, as an
eyesore/property standards issue my understanding, from the Township, is
that there have been MOE orders issued on the property because of its
proximity to Grant’s Creek in the Tay watershed, a concern I also
expressed in my corrspondence.

Have any such orders been followed up, do you know?

Thank you for your time.

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