Grace Brothers’ Mr. Humphries, John Inman, ‘free’ from life’s illnesses


I can’t remember when I first came across the British comedy series “Are You Being Served?” but it was definitely on Buffalo’s PBS television station WNED and well after the program first aired in Britain in the 1970s.

One of the show’s most colourful figures, John Inman (aka Mr. Humphries) has died in London at the age of 71. He is survived by his partner of 35 years, Ron Lynch. The two had celebrated a civil partnership ceremony in London just before Christmas of 2005.

Inman’s memorable character, Mr. Humphries, worked with an ingenious ensemble cast as employees of Grace Brothers’ Department Store (Mollie Sugden as Mrs Slocombe, Frank Thornton as Captain Peacock, Wendy Richard as Miss Brahms, Nicholas Smith as Mr Rumbold). Mr. Humphries was an outlandish, camp fellow who knew the finer details of men’s wardrobes (and took a special interest in measuring inseams!) He was just so funny that I couldn’t help but love him!

This link will certainly get you acquainted with him if you aren’t already.

Mr. Humphries’ catchphrase, “I’m free!” is particularly poignant given the circumstances of John Inman’s death, said to be the result of Hepatitis A-related liver problems which had been afflicting him since 2004. He is now free from mortal pain and misery.

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5 thoughts on “Grace Brothers’ Mr. Humphries, John Inman, ‘free’ from life’s illnesses

  1. wilbur grant

    hi,i m a lil pissed off as the way as john was portrayed on your site as having aids….in my mind i always thought as having hep A different then having aids.if he died of aids they d have said he died of aids not hep A ….please do ur homework and fire that dumbass that said that or send them to medical school……..john inman was the best in canada tooo

  2. wilbur grant

    maybe i m mistaken but puting him on a page where it says my journy with aids is basically saying ,everyone who makes it to this page has aids

  3. The ‘Journey with AIDS’ in the blog’s title refers to me, Kenn Chaplin. I, Kenn Chaplin, have AIDS. It has been the case for going on eighteen years. If a gay guy with AIDS (me) cannot pay tribute to a gay actor who has died, without raising suspicions as to how he died, then clearly the world has much still to do to rid itself of HIV/AIDS-related stigma.

  4. This was one of my favorite shows and he was my all time favorite character. I didn`t know he had died until I read it here.
    Sometimes I still catch this show on the PBS station that I get.
    To just add my 2 cents to Mr Grant`s post-
    Does it really matter what the man died from? He`s still someone`s partner, friend, son, brother, Uncle.
    And you can make it to this page without having AIDS/HIV.
    I have neither, but I am glad to have found a long lost cousin who happens to have AIDS.So what?!?
    Get over yourself Mr Grant. If it bothers you so much,why would you read a blog entitled “My Journey with AIDS?”

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