Continued student debt (in English or French) – ‘That’s Our Canada. Voilà Notre Canada’: Cons

Among the many ways the French language uses the new Harper government’s budget title “Aspire” are:

yearn for, yes, but also breathe in or inhale, or – worsesuck in or suck up.

(Check the Dictionnaire Français-Anglais at if you don’t believe me.)

This would account for the Bloc’s strategic no-brainer to support the budget.

Let’s see if the Harpocrites get a re-elected Charest government they would like in the Québec election or a minority parliament, like their own, the governing party to be determined later.

I also wait to see how federal Liberals in Québec justify, via endless nuance, voting against the Harper-Flaherty budget which makes such strides in addressing the ‘fiscal imbalance’ that is such a sore point in the province.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t necessarily want a federal election, at least not in the short-term (nor, let’s be real, do any of the opposition parties). In that sense, the Bloc is taking one for the entire opposition team. Frankly, I don’t want a vote in the fall, either, when the Ontario general election will be in full swing.


So, as of this evening’s respective party stances, the NDP can oppose the budget – and, by extension, the government – while delaying a federal election for tired partisans like me. Even better (for them), the Liberals can do the same. If ever there was a time for the Conservatives to break another little promise, and ignore their fixed election date way down the road, it would be soon.

The oft-repeated applause cue for sleeping Conservatives, during the Finance Minister’s budget speech today was, “That’s our Canada. Voilà notre Canada.”

Whither the environment and climate change? Enough with the green screens and EcoTrust™ feel-good announcements, Stephen (or Ballistic Baird)!

What about First Nations? Nothing!

Oh, and what’s Stephen Harper’s solution to high tuition fees now (and student debt for years to come)? Let parents sock away more money, and earlier, in RESPs.

The young parents I know, even the two professional income parents, are paying off mortgages or lines of credit needed to have one of them stay home with the kids since there’s precious little licensed, affordable day-care. There is no money, or very little, to sock away for the little tykes’ university years which – don’t kid yourself – are coming on quickly!

The ones who can afford to do such sock-stuffing, the über-wealthy, will get a nice tax break while the student loans for the rest will maintain a debtors’ economy for generations.

And, for that, we still can’t get a break on ATM fees?

Thanks to Jim Flaherty, “That’s our Canada. Voilà notre Canada.”

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2 thoughts on “Continued student debt (in English or French) – ‘That’s Our Canada. Voilà Notre Canada’: Cons

  1. I think the NDP and the Liberals should thank the Bloc for avoiding an election, With this kind of bribeathon budget the result could have been disastrous. Besides I greatly enjoyed watching Duceppe and Boisclair twist themselves into knots trying to explain their position. And I agree I think the Liberals are going to have a hard time too. The only way out of that one is to say we would have given you income tax cuts. But I’m sure Harper is saving that for the election campaign so it could become a bidding game. But as for a fall election….I think people are forgetting what a bloody summer in Afghanistan could do to Harper’s chances…particularly in Quebec. If it turns out that way the fall could be the ideal time to strike. The budget will have been forgotten. But the bodies will be fresh….

  2. I’m going to be honest, I’m pretty happy about not having to campaign for Irene’s re-election in the middle of my fourth-year exams. I don’t really believe that the current government is much worse than the last one, and we survived 13 years of that one. This will give us more opportunity to build the party machinery and to develop policies that resonate with voters. When an election is called, we will be ready and armed with ideas that work for ordinary working families. (I’m starting to sound way too much like an NDP press release…)

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