Kenn Chaplin the candidate?

I have been asked to consider putting my name forward as a candidate for the New Democratic Party of Canada nomination in the federal riding of Toronto Centre, my home for the better part of twenty years. I am thinking about this very seriously and would invite feedback from anyone who has had occasion to read this blog – or who might do so more deliberately now.

There is very little, if anything, about me which is not recorded somewhere in this blog and I would like to know how you feel about my possible candidacy.


9 thoughts on “Kenn Chaplin the candidate?

  1. Kenn, go for it. You need a good campaign team, made up of friends, family and members of the NDP riding association. Is there other potential nominees? If so, you need to get your nomination papers in, signed so that you can get a list of the NDP membership list and start contacting right away. You see, often times in a nomination for candidate race, it is not necessarily the best one who wins but the one who gets the most votes. Alas, just like a election. Anyway, I can be helpful, having been a past NDP riding assoc pres and candidate in an election.

  2. I heard that the city councillor , canot remember her name is being considered. Soemthing like sam or pam. She has been a long time NDPer.

  3. Kenn, I think you would be incredible. Putting up a good fight against Rae (win or loose) is something which would require grace and integrity. You have both and are as far as I’m concerned qualified!

    Having many people contest is productive for the democratic process, too. I would urge you to contest and put your name out there, you have solid views and they should be heard.

    If you get nominated I’ll see what I could do about a financial donation (may be something token :\)

  4. I think you’d be a terrific candidate, just going on what I read here. You’re fair, you’re dedicated and you’re sensitive to your community. If I were in TO, I’d be thrilled to be taking your message to the voters on the phones or on the streets. 🙂

  5. Kenn, I would definitely support your candidacy. You are a person who has demonstrated an extraordinary willingness to open himself up to the world and to engage with people honestly. You are compassionate, thoughtful, and likeable. All of this is in sharp contrast to a certain Liberal….

    This is definitely a big decision for you, but if you feel that you are ready for the challenge then I say go for it!

  6. In addition to your responses, for which I thank you all, yesterday was the busiest single day in my blog’s history – at least since I moved to WordPress and kept better track of these things.

    Perhaps it was the other parties checking me out 🙂

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