Too busy…or crazy…to blog

Blogging, it seems to me, ought not be left to days when I have little else to do but how else to explain my lack of writing these past days? I have been really busy, or at least my mind has been busier than usual, and I haven’t been moved to write.

As I type this I am only procrastinating my preparations to see my psychiatrist, whom I have not visited since (a) I decided to float the idea of running for office and (b) I decided against said idea and, instead, volunteered to help out another campaign. What the hell was I thinking?

More later…post shrink-wrap.

As I suspected, I have been experiencing symptoms of hypomania, consistent with last winter’s probably-belated Bipolar Type II diagnosis.

This is not to suggest that anyone considering a run for office is mentally ill, nor would I ever wish that treated mental illness should be a barrier to anyone achieving elected office. I just need to learn to treat myself with a little more understanding as I face some limitations, only some of which have to do with long-term effects of HIV/AIDS, without packing myself in bubble-wrap.

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3 thoughts on “Too busy…or crazy…to blog

  1. It looks like a very exciting campaign brewing in TO Centre. You are doing an excellent job on online visibility. Remember, just because you aren’t the candidate, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to pace yourself.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Blog-block is a serious problem these days for both of us. Seriously do take care of yourself man. I’ll be keeping up with everything with the campain, even if it does take me awhile to get my head around Canadian politics.

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