Getting caffeinated in Perth, Ontario

Here I sit at one of four desktop computers surrounding a wood beam in Coutts & Co. coffee emporium, in a small corner of what used to be a felt mill overlooking Perth’s lovely Stewart Park. Code’s Mill on the Park is a very urbane destination in the beautiful town of Perth.


The weather has been glorious since Monday – sunny and warmer every day – and trees are at their brightest green as they do their spring-time budding. Through the park the Tay River is running high. I had not packed my camera when I rushed here last week so I have bought an inexpensive one to take some pictures around town which I will upload whenever I return to the familiarity of my own computer.

Our noon-time update from my sister, at Craig’s bed-side, indicates little change in his condition. Tomorrows have morphed into more tomorrows as he remains intubated “at least until tomorrow”. Claude and Lynn are reading a couple of cards to Craig each day; whether he truly knows who they are from is hard to say although he indicates (with eyes mostly closed and head nods) that he understands what he is hearing. We are so relieved to know that Craig is experiencing no pain, which hospital staff can tell by his lack of restlessness.

He has fought off a hospital-typical form of pneumonia but a mild fever continues to come and go sporadically.

So, as my Mom says, that’s about all I know for today.


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