Walking through ‘the valley’

Let it be noted that, even in grief, I journal.

My walk over to the internet cafe affords Mom an opportunity for a nap – not that she will sleep, necessarily, nor that this could not be done with me staying closer to home but I do find the keyboard somewhat therapeutic.

Claude asked that I write the English-language death notice for the newspapers which I was honoured to do.  I am just waiting to confirm details of a bursary fund, to be set up in Craig’s name (it may already be established, I don’t know) at McGill University’s United Theological College, before sending the notice to Montreal and Ottawa papers.

In any event I can confirm the funeral will be held at St. James United Church on Ste. Catherine Street in Montreal on Monday evening, May 14 at 7 p.m.  Interment will be the following evening in Perth, Ontario.  Craig and Claude, not to mention the rest of us, are not morning persons so the near-dusk rituals seem very fitting.

The funeral promises to be a trilingual service: English and French, of course, but also at least a touch of Spanish as Craig had been worshipping with a Spanish-speaking congregation lately while pursuing his interest in learning a third language.  He had done amazingly well, even preaching en espanol at the church on one occasion!  St. James’ organist will be doing double duty, playing his other love, the cello and a choir is being assembled from Craig’s former congregations.

My sister Lynn remains in Montreal with Claude. I am at my Mom’s in Perth where we are anticipating the arrival this evening of my sister Janice, her husband Randy, and Mom’s two very cute four- and “five-and-a-half year old” grandkids.  Would that adding or subtracting half-years meant as much to Uncle Kenn!  😉  Mom is looking forward to having my niece and nephew around for a slight diversion.

Mom and I were going through a shoe-box of newspaper clippings, letters and other keepsakes of hers this morning.  It is pleasantly surprising to see the sorts of things Moms keep for years and years!

Well, as the family comes together I don’t anticipate retreating to the internet too much more, but one never knows!  I appreciate so very much the notes you have already sent.  I am more connected than I sometimes realize.


One thought on “Walking through ‘the valley’

  1. inkrambles


    Thank you for sharing. I ran across this post on wordpress. I am sorry for this difficult time in your life. You have a beautiful, loving family. May your days be filled once again with goodness and peace and may you feel better soon.


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