Blogging through tears

I hope it is not uncouth to take a walk, away from my sad but lively family, to check in with my most loyal reader (that would be yours truly, me thinks).

The very first card arrived in the mail yesterday, from a high school friend of Craig, which released a few more tears (where do they all come from?) The friend reminded us of Craig’s days of leading a youth group of folk-gospel musicians with such enthusiasm.

Yesterday – I think it was yesterday as days flow so seamlessly into nights these days – Mom pulled out a shoe-box of treasures which included a letter from Craig, written when we thought HIV/AIDS would strike us both down +/-20 years ago, outlining his wishes to establish a memorial bursary in his name (details at Donations have already started to come in which means the world to all of us.

My Mom, sister (and her family) and I had originally planned to travel from Perth to Montreal on Monday, leaving just enough time before the evening service for Mom to have a bit of a rest. We have now decided to go a day earlier, tomorrow, thinking it would be insanely tiring to travel the same day as the memorial service, then travel again the very next day for the burial. Also this will give us a little more time with Claude. (In addition, he’ll spend a day or two with “the best mother-in-law”, and the rest of us, when we all come back to Perth for the interment on Tuesday.)

Well, back to the family home I must go, lest they think me a bit selfish to be spending so much time at a computer keyboard.

I am so accustomed to my solitude but at times like this I draw much strength from just being together with family members, from four to seventy-six years of age.



2 thoughts on “Blogging through tears

  1. jeremy

    It was an honor to attend Craig’s service. I hope that all is well tonight. I am sorry for your loss, but what a wonderful service filled with such wonderful music and people who loved him so dearly. It was a beautiful night for me.

    I was honored to honor him and support you and your family.

    Take Care

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