Following up with stories about Craig Chaplin


You will read, from comments received over the past few days, here and in “Faith in the Family”, about the impact my brother Craig had on one of his earlier boyfriends, of how they helped each other become self-accepting of their sexual orientation. That was one of the lovely conversations I had on the evening of Craig’s memorial service. Others told me of how Craig had married them or had baptized their children.

In addition, I spoke to a former educator who had enlisted Craig’s help in drawing up a curriculum on AIDS education for a suburban Montreal school board back when HIV/AIDS was just beginning to prick the collective consciousness. Margaret spoke to me with such enthusiasm of the assistance Craig had offered.

Mom later tugged on my arm and said, “Come here. I want you to hear this.” She introduced me to Karen and Patrick who had been parishioners in Craig’s congregation at Union United Church in Ste. Anne-de-Bellevue during the 1980s. Karen told me that she had experienced three miscarriages and when she became pregnant with a fourth child (or was it four miscarriages and pregnant with a fifth?) Craig prayed over Karen’s womb and she later gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Nicholas.

As Nicholas was growing up the story was recounted time and time again and – you can imagine the vocabulary of a young child – Nicholas declared that one day he would be “Prime Minister like Craig”! 🙂 When Karen told Mom and me that Nicholas was indeed now studying for the ministry I dissolved into a wet blanket of tears.

I would love to read other stories about my brother’s ministry on this earthly plain – even stories I might have heard already.



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