As Mom says, “You’ll always be my children!”

I offered to write, and pay for, newspaper notices regarding Craig’s death. And, while I am the first to admit that the bill for two days in two newspapers was more than I had expected, I think I can stave off the credit agency calls! Mom, God love her, is quite insistent that she “go half” with me.

If she hides a cheque in my suitcase, as she says she will do, I’ll be forwarding it to the Chaplin Memorial Fund in her name. That’s not to boast, but just to keep the fund out there 🙂

I know, Mom, we’ll never be as old and wise as you but we do grow up and we’ve turned out not half-bad 🙂

My niece, 6, and nephew, 4, left for home with their Dad this morning. Their Mom is staying for a few extra days with me and Grandma. Cute story…In the hours preceding Craig’s memorial service on Monday my sister, brother-in-law and the kids were walking through a historic and trendy neighbourhood of Montreal. They came upon a grand, old fountain – the kind you throw pennies into. My nephew “wished that Uncle Craig wasn’t dead”.

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2 thoughts on “As Mom says, “You’ll always be my children!”

  1. Kenn… about the credit people, I thought you were on disability? If so you should speak with your case worker because they have no legal right to take any money from you.

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