Family tree in spring

A second cousin found my blog and contacted me after my brother’s death, which she duly noted in her genealogy site.

Turns out Jamie is politically active, too, defending the rights of her dog Mac (and, by extension, the rights of dog owners, too.)

We have a common political adversary in the form of the Dalton McGuinty Liberals in Ontario.



One thought on “Family tree in spring

  1. Thank you Kenn for helping to bring the plight of Ontario dogs and their owners to the attention of the masses.Glad to see that some people do realize that it isn`t solely about the dogs but about the rights of all Ontario Citizens.Thanks to Bannedaid and the Court Challenge to Bill 132(Cochrane v. Ontario) our owners now have the same rights in court as other Ontario Citizens.Please remember when you go to the polls this Fall,that Premier Dalton McGuinty,Attorney General Michael Bryant and the other Liberals tried to take away those rights from my owner and others.It seems the Liberals think some of us are less equal than others in this province.

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