Walking, and photographing, in grief

I am back in Toronto, with a very grateful cat (Emma), so completely exhausted not even a full pot of coffee has revived me. Seems as though any fatigue I felt in Perth was supplemented, even as late as yesterday, by adrenaline.

Whenever Mom laid down for a rest, while I stayed with her in Perth, I set out with my camera to walk around, grab a coffee and check my emails. I took a lot of pictures, and there are many repeats in these Webshots albums which I will eventually edit out or lump together at least.

It was the same in Montreal where I spent a few days, once visiting Craig in hospital and then again as the family gathered for two days there, culminating in the memorial service (a sister and Claude kept daily vigils while another sister and me kept an eye on Mom in Perth).

The thumbnail is of street level at the new accessible condo Craig and Claude were set to move in to at the beginning of June. Claude is going ahead with the plans, and I’ll be heading there some time this summer to watch one of the many fireworks festival weekends on the river from their his balcony which overlooks the beautiful Parc Lafontaine.


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