My dear friend Jim used to nickname me June (as in Cleaver). So of course I dressed as her for a memorable Oscars party he threw (although not memorable enough that I can recall the year, the winners, etc.) I have an over-sized picture, part of a day-in-the-life photo essay done about me, where I am putting curlers in my naturally-wavy hair, wearing the house dress I would later wear to the party, as my bewildered cat of that time, Tiger, sat at attention on a chair next to me with the most inquisitive look you can imagine! Note to self: that picture would be worth scanning…

So this is the first day of June, 2007. Well I, for one, am glad May is over. What used to be such a lovely month (Craig’s birthday, Mother’s Day) really sucked this year (Craig’s death, Mom and the rest of us traveling on Mother’s Day – which this year, of course, fell on Craig’s birthday – for his funeral the next day. Oh and May 4 is the anniversary of Dad’s death.)

The forsythias were lovely, the lilacs fragrant, the weather mostly sunny and pleasant. Wish I could have another go at the month!

Here’s to June – Cleaver and otherwise.  And, uh-oh, it’s a full moon tonight.

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One thought on “June

  1. Hi Kenn,
    Please scan that picture and post it.Leave it to Beaver was one of my favorite shows growing up and I`d love to see your portrayal of June Cleaver.
    I also wish for you a better month.
    I`ve been looking at your photos and you`re quite a photographer!
    I recognize some of the Perth area shots.

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