ROM Crystal a must-see

copy-of-pic_0010.jpgFor whatever reason, it was only after I had a ‘stop and smell the roses’-type tour of the new addition to the Royal Ontario Museum today, that I had a cathartic emotional breakdown, as described in “Sleepwalking…”



Me, sitting in one of the not-inexpensive (and friggin’ hard) chairs designed to evoke the Crystal.

Most of the new space at the Daniel Libeskind-designed addition has not been “populated” yet so today’s walk through the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal was an architectural tour. As Christopher Hume pointed out, back in May in “Museum as artifact”, the building, both inside and out, is an exhibit in itself.

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One thought on “ROM Crystal a must-see

  1. first time commenting here:

    I saw this today and i have to say “I like it”. A friend said – you either like it or hate it.

    Thanks for the pics.

    – Aradhana Devindra

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