Visiting here? Please say hello :)

While writing this blog is somewhat of an attempt to write my autobiography I know that some of the topics, such as partisan politics (as just one example), are not everyone’s cup of tea.

I like to check my reader stats to see where people are when they check out my site.  There’s virtually no corner of the world that is not represented, although I know most of these hits are random, some perhaps mere attempts to spam me.

Every once in awhile, however, I see that someone has logged on and read many, many, many pages…and come back for more…without saying who they are or what their interest is. 

Case in point: Someone from Armstrong Partnership has visited for nearly 300 minutes over the past couple of days (and, if the stats are to be believed, has at least skimmed hundreds of pages). Would I ever love to hear from this person. Is it genuine interest in my writing or am I being investigated? My mind goes places at the thought! I hope my naming your company does not get you into any trouble.

Another visitor, from a Bank of America domain in Concord, California, recently spent 21 minutes on 17 different pages.

One of the busiest times ever here – second only to the time when I was thinking of entering politics late last winter – was shortly after Craig died on May 9. I had a near-record number of visitors, relatively few of whom have contacted me. Google Craig Chaplin and you’ll be led here.

I don’t want to pry, but I’d sure like to hear from readers (not just the ones mentioned) as to what brought you here, what keeps you coming back (if you do), and whether you think there’s any hope for me 🙂

Comment…please (and thank you).

And give someone a hug if you can today.

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10 thoughts on “Visiting here? Please say hello :)

  1. Hello!

    Yes, I’m a lurker. I’m political, but blog about lots of personal issues. I like your writing, so I come back.

    And hope? Yes, of course there is hope! There is hope for all of us. 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for checking in. Another benefit of leaving comments, which I had forgotten until I saw yours, is that if you also have a blog (as you do) it is a way of snaring another reader.

    Thanks again – and I promise, when I’m not rushing off to a meeting as I am now, I will give your blog a look-see 🙂

  3. Kenn,
    I hope you don`t have a 1 comment per day rule cause I`m breaking it.Have you looked at Armstrong Partnership?I think it`s genuine interest in your writing and I hope they`re not stealing ideas from you.
    Your blog actually drives traffic to our sites.Mac had a big increase to his blog when you mentioned him.I`m with you though, I wish people would comment or sign the guestbook.I`m always looking at the Stats but I`d like to know if visits are accidental or intentional and who they are.Mac had surgery last Tues and he had a visitor to his site from Australia.I`d love to know if that person was a relative of the surgeon who is from Australia.So to all the lurkers(I love that word) out there,please comment or sign the guestbook if you visit.
    And last but not least,what do you mean “is there any hope for me?”
    I`m off to visit the lurkers blog,she has piqued my interest.

  4. Not to worry Jamie. “Is there any hope for me?” was just me being dramatic 🙂
    How’s Mac feeling?

    Hey Ryan…technorati could check stats for you, but I also use It’s a fairly straightforward program with options to add more information about who’s reading you.

  5. Things are looking better.Thanks for asking.I know he`s just a dog but being a cat owner(Emma) I think,you know you get attached.
    I`m going to check out that stats program also.Thanks.

  6. hey its MEEEE!!
    I’m a 21 yr student at Arizona State Univeristy.
    I usually blog from school or at home during my
    study breaks.

    you sound like the stalkerish type

  7. Hi, I found your blog from another blog, I have kidney failure, of course there’s hope for all of us and I’m glad you were just kidding about that. I just finally got a kidney disease bumpersticker after all these years, not sure what took me so long to do it. My illness isn’t visible though except for the lovely access scars on my arm… I’m so glad you are here 18 years later, have an online friend who is 17 years post-diagnosis with bipolar.

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