If this is Bipolar II with grief, hold the fries

So I’m supposed to be keeping a mood diary.  Rating my mood twice a day.  I haven’t even been doing that simple task right.  Taking my meds when I remember…which is not good enough!  I have to remember all my meds.  Twice a day. 

I’m not helping matters with my choice of solutions.  They’re the old solutions which stopped working years ago.  Minus the sex.  Won’t go there.

I know.  Uh-huh.  I know.  I know.  Of course.  I know.  I know.  Trust me, I know.

Need to take my laptop home from this cafe, then see if I feel like going to the Pride Week flag-raising at noon.  Maybe there’ll be a lunch there.  (There was…I went.  It was good to get out for a bit more of a walk.)

I’ve just joined an online forum at the Mood Disorders Association of Ontario.  It’s a start. Again.  Won’t be a quitter so long as I’m a joiner.

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4 thoughts on “If this is Bipolar II with grief, hold the fries

  1. Kenn,
    You still have a good sense of humor.That`s more than a start,that`s a good beginning that will lead to better things for you.
    Hoist that flag a little higher for me,because you have opened my eyes!

  2. Good lord, I could never keep up with a diary of my moods. My mood swings so often and so abruptly I’d never get anything else done.
    Hope you’re feeling good, and that the weather is nice where you are!

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