A new look

In celebration of the sumer solstice, and so much more this week, I’m changing the look of my blog.

Let me know what you think.  The header photo is one I took in Westport, Ontario, between Kingston and Perth.

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10 thoughts on “A new look

  1. I like.
    It`s refreshing.
    I could have taken that stock photo out on my river.
    Need to get a better digital camera first,though.
    I see that when I take my canoe out.

  2. Thanks Jamie and now it isn’t a stock photo at all because I figured out how to upload some of my very own digital pictures without needing to be on my own computer. (As a back-up to my computer’s “My Pictures” file I send them all to webshots.com.)
    Same with some of the writing I want to keep. It’s at Writing.com

  3. Ah,
    I see now.I hope I`m never asked to pick someone out of a lineup.I just might pick out the look alike cop.
    What camera do you have?I`m starting to look around and I would like to be able to take close up photos like this.I may not have the talent but I would like to at least start out with a good camera.

  4. The camera is a Kodak Easy Share with a built-in zoom…a little bigger than the regular EasyShare model.

    It has options for close-ups, like flowers, and other settings and, although I nearly always use auto-focus, it does have the capability of going on manual.

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