I survived Pride 2007 – now with a picture :)

I am very happy that I got off the booze merry-go-round in plenty of time for the Pride weekend here. It was good to hang around clean and sober friends in the “Free Zone” Sunday where there were no drugs or alcohol and, even better, meetings in a tent throughout the day and evening.

Today I am pretty tired. I cheered on the “Dyke March” on Saturday afternoon, and then went to a meeting. Yesterday I began the day in church, where we had an emotional good-bye for Karen and Hal (they are retiring), after which I marched in the Pride Parade. (Thanks for the picture Anita!!!) Then I made my way to the Free Zone where I volunteered for a few hours and attended a couple of the tent meetings.


I saw some old friends, who I helped get caught up on what’s been going on in my life, and felt genuinely supported. Craig’s death is still difficult to talk about but it has been helpful to widen the circle and tell people about the painful spring that it was for our family.

I did a lot of walking yesterday so, coupled with all the emotion of the day, I am pretty tired today!

Tired but grateful…


7 thoughts on “I survived Pride 2007 – now with a picture :)

  1. jeremy

    I read about the “Free Zone” at pride that was a great idea. I thought about you this weekend. And I am here – it seems now we have much more in common than we had originally.

    Maybe if you come up to visit Claude, we can “not drink” together. (code:maybe we can hit a meeting).

    I’m glad that you are out and about – I saw news on Pride on the News last night. If only our pride was such a draw. I guess we shall see this August.

    Take care. and One day at a time.


  2. Good to hear from you.Glad you had a good time at Pride Weekend and glad you`re back.
    Saw a bit of the parade on CTV.Kept looking for you but didn`t spot you.Quite the crowd!
    Now get back to that book, when you`re feeling up to it,that is:)
    Hope things are looking up a bit.It sounds like they are.

  3. Hi J & J:

    I can’t believe it is Tuesday already. I am still quite tired, but I suppose that could be my body detoxing, too.

    It was a week ago tonight (Tuesday) that I had my last drink(s) – “May it be so!” – during and after a farewell party for my friend Murray so I count last Wednesday (the 20th, the last day of spring) as my sobriety date.

    I think I’ll write a little more about “the fog” today.

    ((Jeremy)) and ((Jamie))

    P.S. Jeremy – You’re on! Not sure when I’ll be visiting Claude. I’m going to my Mom’s (in Perth, ON) the first weekend of August so I might take in part of DiversCite either before or after that with Claude. Was going to visit for a fireworks weekend but I think I’ve had enough of those 🙂

  4. Oh,
    By the way.Hope you don`t mind but I`m stealing your photo(which I like) and uploading it to family photos on Flickr.I stole the other two also.
    My father`s grandmother`s MacDonald`s were horse thieves.That may be where this theft thing comes from.
    This photo really is very nice !

  5. Help yourself to any pics Jamie. I’ve got very few secrets – at least in this forum.

    You continue to amaze me with family stories – horse thieves? I love it!!!! Funny how my proud grandmother never mentioned this! She gave me an appreciation for my part-Scottish heritage but failed to mention some of these more colourful stories. Can’t imagine why…

    There’s a TV show developing in my mind – CSI: Glengarry 🙂

  6. CSI:Glengarry might not be a stretch as both the Fed`s and the Provincial Gov`t have been visiting Mac`s site!
    I don`t think he`s a great writer so he may be getting us in trouble.
    If either of us are found floating in the Raisin River,check out Gov`t computers to see who`s been lurking!My money`s on MB(Prov) and DM(Prov) and GL(Fed)
    I don`t think he`s slandered anyone yet,but then again we don`t really care.
    You know how we gun toting,drug dealing,”Pit” owner types are!
    I`m starting to blame my ancestry for the path I`ve taken.You`re not the only bad a$$ ;), in this family.

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