An update on (Craig) Chaplin Memorial Fund

Craig’s partner, Claude, is visiting Mom for this holiday weekend and he brought along a list of donors to The Chaplin Memorial Fund.

To date over one hundred people have donated a total of more than five thousand dollars, to be added to Craig’s original bequest. 

Mom and Claude were curious about a few of the donors so I was able to confirm that they came from my readership.   Consider yourselves sincerely thanked! 

Although I have not done so formally yet, and I have no plans to die any time soon, I am going to make arrangements for my “in lieu of flowers” notice to direct gifts to the same fund.  Plus, as birthdays come and go in the family, it might feel good to redirect any would-be materialism to the fund.  The more it grows the more interest can be used to further the scholarship of LGBT theology students at McGill University.

July 9 will mark two months since Craig’s untimely death following a fall on Claude’s birthday (April 24).

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One thought on “An update on (Craig) Chaplin Memorial Fund

  1. [quote]… and I have no plans to die any time soon,[/quote]

    You better not!You still have to help me educate the Tim Horton yahoos as I call them.
    If you`re a Jeff Foxworthy fan you`ll know what I`m talking about.
    “You know you`re a redneck when…….:
    That`s great news about Craig`s fund.

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