My Journey With AIDS meets HIV/AIDS: My Journey

Wow, try to imagine how this comment (sent in response to my last post) made my day!

This is a small world and I am reaching my thin arms across the continents to a young mother, newly-diagnosed HIV-positive, in Nairobi, Kenya with a blog name very similar to mine.

I hope that you will visit her, too, and wish her well!


I am new to this… HIV, blogging, and everything that goes with the two. Just came across your blog a few minutes ago while randomly surfing HIV/AIDS related google blogs and I can’t stop reading. It’s been just over two weeks for me since I learnt I was HIV+ and it’s been one heck of a fortnight. I am trying to move on now, very hard, but I will keep trying till wherever it takes me.

Thanks for your blog, it’s given me some extra energy. Besides its material, the main thing that caught my eye was the shared name (MyJourneyWithAids), only that yours is wordpress and mine is blogspot.

Thanks again.


May whatever God is bless you!

As you will read here, living with HIV has its bad and good days – whether directly or indirectly related to the disease. But I cannot tell you how touched I am that we have reached across the oceans and found each other.

Please continue to comment and read my long history of living with HIV.

My hope for you is that you will have access to the best possible treatments so that your experience with HIV will be as a long-term survivor like me!

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6 thoughts on “My Journey With AIDS meets HIV/AIDS: My Journey

  1. Wow!
    I visited her blog and left a note.
    Touching lives Kenn!
    From Tims in Lancaster to Nairobi.
    Your journey is far from over.

  2. Thanks, everyone, thanks alot.
    Kenn is right. HIV has its good and bad days, but he forgot to say that it also has the ‘in between’ days, like the one I am having now.
    I have just re-read the comments above, which were also sent to my blog, and I am smiling with tears in my eyes… that’s what I call a nice ‘in between’ day.
    Thank you all.

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