Needing some healthy calories

I’m about 130 pounds soaking wet, about 59 kilograms. So I found out when I got weighed at my doctor’s today. The last place where I could possibily lose weight – my feet – now are like detox Reeboks (paper slippers). I swear my left shoe, tied as tight as I can, is still loose.  It would not be a problem were I not 6’2.5″ tall (what’s that, about 190 cm?)

This has far more to do with the events of the last weeks, and my crazy moods, than with HIV. (Fear not *Juanita*.) Besides I have always been thin, probably well below the ideal body mass index, too.

But this is ridiculous.  I should never lose weight, only gain!

I need to eat more. I need to eat healthy. I probably should see a dietitian again. But even if I know what to eat I have an aversion to the kitchen, other than the coffee-maker and the microwave.

It wouldn’t hurt to try a little resistance traning either, except that my repaired forearm and hip/femur can’t take too much.

This is childish.  I am whining.

I do like Wendy’s “Baconator” and I think I’ll go grab one now.

Then maybe a case of “Glucerna” (“Ensure” for diabetics) from the pharmacy.

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4 thoughts on “Needing some healthy calories

  1. The liquid foods aren’t so bad if you refrigerate them and stick to vanilla, but you probably already know that. Do you like cake? I have not lost the amount of weight you have, but I’m not supposed to lose anymore because people live longer on dialysis if they weigh more, so I have a nice “petit cake” (very small, very tasty) from a restaurant/take out place around the corner most days. I tell them it’s my weight loss diet just to make them nuts since they notice I’m more losing than gaining while eating cake almost every day….

  2. I woke up remembering my comment here and feeling really stupid. Duh, you said you were diabetic, so please ignore the eat cake suggestion. I plead kidney brain……

  3. Not to worry hymes…

    My diabetes does not stop me from indulging in thing I shouldn’t. As long as my sugar levels balance throughout the day I don’t get too worked up about it.

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