Travel plans – on VIA’s dime, too!

Having first signed up for VIA Rail’s loyalty program “Preference” in August of 2002 I am only now, five years later, actually cashing in many of the earned miles (or kilometers) and planning a three-stage trip for early August.

I will be going to Mom’s in Perth on August 2, for the August holiday weekend (the first weekend of the month), to attend the Chaplin family barbecue/reunion for the first time ever. Then, after a few days, I will head to Claude’s in Montreal – for the first time since Craig died – to see their new place and spend a few days in the city, before returning to Toronto on August 9.

Jeremy, I’ll look you up!

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2 thoughts on “Travel plans – on VIA’s dime, too!

  1. Andrew


    I love traveling by train… sounds like a nice trip

    I wonder if VIA has a special ‘future loyalty’ program… where you can travel for free now, and promise to pay for travel later in life?

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