Sleepless night

I didn’t get a wink of sleep last night but that seems inconsequential. This fire in the town-houses below my balcony and across the narrow driveway was leaping three stories high and the chaos that followed lasted until sunrise.

Such a sad night for my neighbours!

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3 thoughts on “Sleepless night

  1. It`s a miracle no one was seriously hurt.
    Did you have to go to the hospital Kenn?
    I hope you got checked out.
    I had heard nothing about that fire until I saw it here.

    Kenn says: No one was seriously hurt, least of all me. I was far enough away that I was just a little shaken up emotionally, so hypomanic for the rest of the night and the day which followed.

    Three of the homes remain uninhabitable and are boarded up accordingly until repairs can begin.

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