20,000+ visitors

July’s blog visitor stats have been trending steadily downward.  Perhaps the phishers have gone fishin’.

My total is, as of now, 20, 037 views with my best day ever June 28 (292 visitors).  On that day there were posts in view entitled “They Know My Name” (perhaps this attracted spy agencies), “Medical update: An amazing check-up”, “Join Canada’s First Nations’ ‘Day of Action’ this Friday”. That and a YouTube upload of Paul Potts’ winning performance on “Britain’s Got Talent” seemed to be the top attractions.

I don’t have any big ways to reverse the visitor trend in these late days of July. Perhaps that is a good thing!

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5 thoughts on “20,000+ visitors

  1. Just be you.That`s what brings me back.
    It`s probably the weather.
    How`s the book coming?
    I may actually have Hi speed tomorrow so that may make looking at things a bit easier.
    Of course Bell sold me Hi speed in Sept 2006 and they`ve told me I should have it tomorrow at least 20 times now.So we`ll see.

  2. Do you have to be bored out of your gourd to visit a blog by a dog?
    I just went and checked his numbers

    June 25, 2007 380

    He must be getting witty or something!
    I don`t understand it.
    He`s under so much pressure to produce now!
    He just wanted to vent one day and now look what`s happened.He`s a celebrity dog blogger apparently.

  3. [quote]Perhaps that is a good thing![/quote]

    What does this mean?

    Kenn says: Nothing really…just another way of saying “No news is good news.”

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