Montréal, je t’aime

This is my second full day in Montréal, having arrived from Perth during the evening rush-hour on Monday. The beauty of this city reminds me of how much I loved it here, or near here, as a child. This was my only point of reference for “city” and the place still excites me. I continue to be a lousy ambassador for Toronto. No matter how Toronto is spun it cannot hold a candle to the geography, topography, history, architecture and beauty of Montréal. Of course I now have many friends in Toronto and that makes it home.

Yet there`s something about Montréal, my first city, that feels so much like my home too. Surpisingly, to me anyway, I am struggling, but managing, with my French. I am very much enjoying my visit with Claude and it has been a pleasure to see fellow blogger Jeremy, aka Jeremiah, here.

This evening Claude and I are going to a novel event at the famous L’Oratoire St. Joseph where the principal organist there is going to accompany Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times, if you can believe it! Should be marvelous!

I have well over one hundred pictures from my day of walking around the waterfront and Vieux-Montréal yesterday. I will post an album of these, and other pictures I may take before tomorrow, when I get back to Toronto.

Until then.

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