Another disgraced Republican senator? Now with audiotape!

Would it surprise you to know that the Senator Craig scandal and the Miss South Carolina Teen USA laugh-riot are getting the most hits this week on this otherwise mostly serious blog?

If I seem to be taking pleasure in a hypocrite’s misfortunes, I can’t say I would disagree, but listening to this arresting interview is quite irresistible.

Here he is, via police audio tape, shortly after being…er…caught with his pants down.

Senator Larry Craig (R-Idaho): “I am not gay.”

Virtually any AIDS service organization will tell you – just to bring the conversaqtion back to this blog’s general subject matter – about a group of clients, who do not self-identify as gay or bisexual, they call MSM (men who have sex with men). 

So okay, Senator, if you aren’t gay (or bi) what was so interesting in that bathroom?  Why did you plead guilty to lewd behaviour disorderly conduct “to make it go away”?  Do you fit into the MSM category?

Or are you just another tortured Republican conservative hypocrite?

See Ted Haggard

I’m sorry Jon Stewart is off this week 🙂

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