The Observer – what wasn’t mentioned about the Craig Chaplin Award


The United Church Observer has a brief article in October’s print edition about Craig’s memorial fund.

Headlined “Bequest honours gay and lesbian role models”, it can be found in the “This United Church At A Glance” section.

Unfortunately, as I read it, the piece suggests that Craig’s bequest to the United Theological College in Montréal would be the sum-total of the fund. In fact it was only seed money for what Craig hoped would be a growing fund, with award money being generated by accrued investment interest. The article makes no mention of other donations being encouraged, no website address, etc.  Thank you to everyone who got that when I added this page to my blog last spring!

You can read about the Chaplin Award, and make a secure online donation, at the United Theological College website or by sending a cheque to The United Theological College, 3521 University Street, Montréal, QC
Canada H3A 2A9

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