Only gay in the village on me birthday

My birthday ought to be an occasion to blog. While I await inspiration I shall turn the day’s post over to Little Britain’s Daffyd Thomas, “the only gay in the village”.

Like Daffyd I am ‘the ONLY gay in the village’…or in my building…on the 5th floor…okay in Unit 503!  And I’m 48 today…

Thank you for the greetings via Facebook, email and the comments section here!  I will try to take my cue from hymes and be grateful when, frankly, I’m still not fully recovered from my recent illness and it’s getting a little old 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Only gay in the village on me birthday

  1. Happy Birthday! You may be the only gay on the 5th floor but you are a very loved gay in the blogosphere. Okay, that sounds corny, what can I say, I’m a birthday person. With kidney failure and other stuff in the past, I consider each one an achievement worthy of a note from the Governor. Alas, the Governor doesn’t share my views…:) But Happy Birthday and all the awards in the world from the U.S.

  2. I`m the first cousin on here to wish you a happy birthday.
    I meant to do it at 12:01am but I fell asleep.
    That happens when you`re over 50,so enjoy the next 2 years while you can still stay up that late!
    I give you a relative hug from a afar.
    I think there`s a symbol for that but I don`t know what it is?

  3. Hey, being sick does get old, definitely. And no need to be grateful, I just meant it’s an achievement, I’m definitely not all sweetness and light when I’m feeling lousy myself, have been known to be downright grumpy about it in fact. But I’m very glad you are here.

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