Wearing Craig’s coat and missing him

Winter-like temperatures swept into Toronto today and so I decided to wear Craig’s coat to a meeting this evening. (The photo is from an advertisement; the model is not Craig.)  The coat is so very cozy and, as did Craig for the short time he wore it, I wrapped it around my otherwise very uncomfortable chair and sat in its cushiony interior.


When I began to cry, after speaking for a few minutes and acknowledging that I was missing Craig, my friend Dianne made the point that the coat was acting like a big hug from him. Those were tears that might have remained blocked had I just stayed home tonight.

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4 thoughts on “Wearing Craig’s coat and missing him

  1. jeremy

    I hope that sometime during the holidays that you will come and visit us. Take care of you.


    One day at a time…

    Kenn replied: Thanks Jeremy. Claude will be with Mom and me in Perth for the holidays so plans don’t take me to Montreal. I’m sure I’ll be up, though, perhaps in the spring.

  2. hey kenn- i hope this finds you with a smile in your heart.

    hey i am tagging you for a meme. it’s a recovery meme tho- 7 things i learned in my recovery…

    cheers- i hope you will play.

  3. Dear Kenn,

    My name is Ron Hudson. I am a 23 year survivor of HIV/AIDS living in North Carolina and founder of the International Carnival of Pozitivities (ICP), a blog carnival for people living with HIV/AIDS around the world and their families, friends, caregivers and allies. I found this post and would like to include a link to it in the December edition of the ICP.

    I need your permission in order to link to your work. You can check the 3rd link below my signature in this note to find the homepage of the ICP and to learn more about this project. The first 17 editions of the ICP are also linked there. If you agree to participate, I will include My Journey with AIDS in the permanent blogroll of past participants. I hope you will join the growing list of contributors to this project.

    You may also give me blanket approval to pick posts from your blog for future editions. In this case, I will send you a receipt from blogcarnival.com for the submission I hope to use and will run it unless I receive notice from you before the deadline (always the 2nd of the month) to pull the nominated post.

    Peace to you. I, too, have lost loved ones and your post touched me deeply.

    Safe Journeys!

    Ron Hudson


    Poundcake Love

    The International Carnival of Pozitivities (ICP)

    Kenn says:

    I’ve added ‘The Carnival’ to my HIV/AIDS links, as well as 2sides2ron, and have given blanket permission for the use of my posts. Thanks!

  4. I’m sorry Kenn. Although I haven’t been following your blog much since my time in Cambodia, I do still think of you and pray for you and your family. I know you all must feel his absence so intensely.

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