A little bit of country in the city

The new picture in the masthead is of Toronto’s Riverdale Farm, a still-working farm operated by the city, just a short walk from my apartment building.  This farm eventually became Toronto’s zoo before it was moved out to the suburbs and so Riverdale became a park, free of charge, where market-ready produce is sold in the summer and farm animals rule supreme. 

Riverdale Farm is set atop the Don Valley, and the expressway which bears its name, and is on the eastern edge of the historically-charmed Toronto neighbourhood known as Cabbagetown.

Here’s a link to the full slideshow of my walk today through Cabbagetown, Riverdale Farm and Allan Gardens.



One thought on “A little bit of country in the city

  1. Laurie

    Hi Kenn

    I havent been reading much lately…busy with work and holiday prep like everyone else I suppose.

    Your pics made me so very homesick. I lived on Brookmount in the Beaches…so am very familiar with all these lovely landmarks.

    Happy holidays my dear.


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