New pictures!

This should take you to my latest online photo album – 80 or so pictures in and around Perth, Ontario where I spent Christmas with Mom and Claude, Craig’s partner.

Except for the grayness of the day I was particularly happy with the photos taken along Allan’s Mills Road, a lovely country route at the west end of the Scotch Line Cemetery where Craig, and many other family members, are buried.  Here’s a few of them.

copy-of-100_3698.jpg copy-of-100_3701.jpg copy-of-100_3721.jpg

It was a lovely holiday – quiet, lots of food, and Claude and Mom were good company as we reflected – but did not dwell too long, too often – on our loss of Craig earlier this year. We were sure his spirit was with us.


One thought on “New pictures!

  1. Christene

    Hello Kenn, thank you for your blog. Until I came across it last night, I did not know that Craig had died. Today I have been reading your blog entries as I work through my grief and sorrow, both for him and for your struggles.
    There is no United Church in my community (I live near Victoria,BC) so I am attending a Presbyterian church. Recently I have been “encouraged” to become a member. I do not want to be a member of any church which would not allow Craig, (or anyone),to minister to them because of their sexual orientation.Thank you for the link to the memorial fund.
    I knew Craig at Union church in Ste.Anne’s. He helped me and comforted me when I left an abusive marriage, and rejoiced as he married me and my husband Richard on September 7, 1991 (one of the last acts he did at Union church, I think, as he had already resigned). I see his face each day standing with us in our wedding picture.
    My heart goes out to you Kenn, I have clinical depression and anxiety problems and function reasonably well now now that I’ve been on meds off & on the last 7 years. Still can’t see myself ever holding down a full time job again.

    Dear Christene:

    I appreciate hearing from you and I’m sorry you had to find out about Craig’s death this way. You will have seen that those days of late April and early May were very difficult for all of us. Craig touched a lot of people, more than he probably realized, and it is heartwarming to be in touch with one more person who he helped. How lovely that you have a picture of him from your happy day! Thanks again for writing.


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