I’m being published, on paper even, in a book!

Not just a letter to the editor, nor a link from a blog (not that there’s anything wrong with that), I shall be published in a book – an anthology – to be called Still Here: A Post-Cocktail AIDS Anthology and released some time this year by Life Rattle Press.

I just signed the consent form.

The anthology is selected short stories which have come from several years of work in the Narrative Group of the Psychiatric Department’s Clinic for HIV-Related Concerns at Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital. (I might rightly receive some constructive criticism over the length of that sentence!) These groups are run twice a year, by Dr. Allan Peterkin and occupational therapist Julie Hahn, with participants writing each week on set topics, quite general, that have stood the test of time – such as an experience in a health-care setting, loss, and change.

The two stories of mine which have been selected are “A Sense of Peace After 13 Years”, based on this, and “Chopin, Roman Polanski and a Cab”.  I presume there might be a little editing, at the very least in the formatting.

Since Life Rattle Press is a non-profit publisher my payment shall be two copies of the book. Hey, that’s honour enough for me! It will certainly encourage me to keep writing!



3 thoughts on “I’m being published, on paper even, in a book!

  1. Congratulations Kenn…a real author…on paper. I’m impressed!!!
    And envious 🙂
    Be sure to let us know when the book comes out.I want to get my copy signed…
    Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!

    Kenn says:

    If they hurry, maybe I can get some of Mulroney’s cancelled book-signing dates HA! 🙂

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