Obama’s victory speech in Iowa

With a few lines repeated from his amazing speech at the last Democratic convention, Barack Obama shows there’s value in really inspiring voters, rather than treating them/us like the means to an end.  It reminds me that it is much more satisfying to vote for someone than against others or their party.


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3 thoughts on “Obama’s victory speech in Iowa

  1. Obama is definitely an inspiring figure. What are your thoughts on John Edwards’ sudden about face?.

    Kenn says: Wouldn’t it be amazing if health-care reform was the ballot issue in the States? I would pick either Obama or Edwards over Clinton and, with Obama and Clinton the novelty candidates as ‘firsts’, I still like Obama’s optimism.

  2. Agreed. Obama has a little more of a progressive edge than Hillary for certain.

    I wanted you to know that before when I poo-pooed your jump to the Greens, it wasn’t anything personal, but a little childish, even.

    I like the Greens on the majority of issues, and really wish there was talk of some sort of progressive coalition in the works. Sadly, I think both parties have too much pride. There are some major problems with this country, and NDPers and Greens seem to be the only ones with a willingness for major change.

    Kenn says: I don’t disagree, of course, but I think J.L. feels he has too much to lose should he take a bold step towards shifting part of the tax burden to polluters (including individual consumers, within reason).

  3. Absolutely. Carbon tax is a definite must. Maybe Jack will realize that the new PR tactics aren’t working and that we are stuck in the polls because of his lack of willingness to take a stand on issues that really matter. Bank fees be damned.

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