Feeling well


I’ll be seeing my HIV specialist at the middle of next week and, regardless of what may be reported from my latest lab work, I am feeling better than I have for a long time. I fully expect that my viral load will have grown some more, perhaps my CD-4 will have dropped some, and who knows where my glucose will be (I am preparing myself for the possibility of needing insulin if only so that we can move on to returning me to my anti-HIV medications.)

Regardless of what my latest blood tests will tell us next week, I am hearing very good feedback from people – in particular people who have not seen me in awhile. Surely I am better than I was around the time of Craig’s death last May. Maybe being six months-plus sober also has something to do with it! I also like to chalk it up to being off so many medications. I do not want to press that for too much longer, however, and I take my specialist at his word that he will most likely be able to knock back my viral load in short order.

I did not intentionally go off my HIV meds but, once I needed to go off them all in order to avoid cross-resistance with others, I settled in to enjoying this time away.

I’m quite literally growing into my beard and am resisting the temptation to trim it too much – I need to cover my hollowed cheeks – until I see how it continues to take shape.

Hopefully, whatever comes following next Wednesday’s appointment, I will continue to feel well and ‘look well’, too.


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One thought on “Feeling well

  1. I hope your appointment goes well Kenn. I like the beard!

    Kenn says: Thank you Sue – and the beard is growing on me, too. Thanks, I’ll be here all week… 🙂

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