Medical update – I like them apples

Good news from my HIV specialist today.  My a1c has dropped from ten percent last time to eight percent as of my last test just prior to Christmas, so my diabetes appears to be coming under control again.  The scare raised my sugar-consciousness, with a little help from medications, and these are the preliminary results.  I continue to monitor a couple of times a day, though, as there have been some spikes when I have been less careful eating.

HIV-wise, my CD-4 count is 370 (16%), but my viral load is up quite a bit to 77,000, albeit just one snapshot in time. 

As trends go “Fletch” is very pleased with my turnaround and doesn’t need to see me again until the end of March and, without my asking (although I did get him to repeat himself), he is not putting me back on anti-retrovirals yet.  I had anticipated that he might.  Perhaps next time, as we see if my glucolse levels are indeed trending downward.

The doc thought I looked healthy, as so many others are saying I look, so I’m going to run with that until we meet again.


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3 thoughts on “Medical update – I like them apples

  1. Jeremy commented (and I accidentally erased it when I first attemped to edit in a response):

    Come on girly boy, we need those cd4s to get to 1000… And we need that viral load to disappear already….

    These numbers are not stellar and could be much MUCH better…


    Its good your diabetes is under control, that is a blessing.

    To which I replied:

    So spank me for seeing the glass as half full.

    I know the standard goal is always an undetectable viral load, and I’m sure we’ll get that back down but I’ve NEVER had a CD-4 above 600 in the nineteen years I’ve been dealing with this so I’m not nearly as concerned about it.

    My doc wants to make sure my diabetes stays under control, with even better readings, before we move on – and I’m absolutely okay with that. He’s brought me back from a CD-4 reading of 10 (back when that was the only indicator) – all of which I gave names – and I’m not going to stress about this when I’m feeling better than I have in years.

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