How can I help?

What can I say, what blog, web-site or previous post of my own, can I highlight to convince young gay men to stem what I am certain is not just a New York City problem?

H.I.V. Rises Among Young Gay Men

The New York Times editorial headline is stark. It reminds me that the NYT was among the first to report, on what was then this very mysterious illness, way back in the early 1980s. Rent or buy Longtime Companion, even with its faults, to remind yourself of recent history in North America! Or, better yet, read Randy Shilts’ And The Band Played On (which was also made into a film).

This week’s editorial just so happened to be posted on January 14, a date whch I do not forget.

Oh, if only I could convince young, sexually-active gay men to wake up and care for themselves! But what does this 48-year old, living with AIDS for almost 19 years and old enough, hypothetically, to be the father of kids just now coming out, have to say that won’t be dismissed as just an old fart’s ‘what-does-he-know’ warnings?

Hat-tip to Amy in Africa for her reminder.


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2 thoughts on “How can I help?

  1. I don’t mean to suggest you personally get out there, but I think you’d be surprised how effective mentoring could be… the kids who are turning into adults today have been lectured so much about Safe Sex and AIDS it has become white noise. They definitely need serious doses of reality to slap them awake…

  2. I study pharmacy. As part of social pharmacy project we had to look at sexual health.

    The thing that was most alarming is just how many sexually transmitted diseases are on the up, all because people aren’t being careful.

    To echo what Gabriel said the mentality years ago was of a this could happen thing and now there is this belief that STD’s at least serious ones ended by the nineties at least as a serious risk.

    The technique that most of the class said they would find most effective is open accounts. Hearing that X number are affected is ineffective as we can’t deal the large numbers, we can deal with open honest accounts.

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