A Connecticut Yankee in Obama’s Court

Columnist Rick Green says:

I’m late to the Obama show, still not quite convinced by this positive message of “the politics of hope” and a resume thin on experience. But the political tornado that swept into the old Civic Center knocked me over. It was like nothing downtown Hartford has seen in a generation.


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One thought on “A Connecticut Yankee in Obama’s Court

  1. “Out of the mouths of babes come pearls of wisdom”. Wisdom trumps experience every time. Ask Eli Manning and Tom Brady if this is true.

    If the experience from life rather than from White House residency means anything to you, then you must admit that Barack Obama has the experience that no other candidate has.

    If anyone cares to examine Obama’s full resume, they will find a young man with experience looking up from the very bottom of America’s barrel, not just from the top looking down. Barack has seen America from the pit, from whence wisdom has not come before now. He holds exclusive rights
    to a vision that America never had, the very vision that America has been devoid of interest in before now. Hillary Clinton, Mike Hucklebee and John McCain don’t know anything about this vision, this mother load of wisdom.

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