A sad, sobering reminder

I was at a meeting tonight where someone I’ve known for quite awhile spoke of a friend who had died of a drug overdose this week.  She didn’t name names but it wasn’t long getting around the room after the meeting.  (It seems anonymity dies when we do.)

The woman, it turns out, had not completely given up abusing the prescription painkillers which were part of her drinking/drugging history and she overdosed.  Her sponsor used to be a sponsor of mine so I feel sad for John, as it is small comfort that she alone is responsible for what happened and that her struggle in this life is now over.

Meanwhile I am marking nine months since my brother Craig died of his traumatic brain injuries, six weeks before I re-started my sober life.  I don’t know where the time has gone.  With it being an early Easter this year, Mom will soon be remembering that – like she hasn’t all along – as the last occasion she saw her first-born.

Tonight I’m kind of mellow, though not inescapably so, but I’m back in my warm home with two overflowing bags of groceries and plans to make stew or chili in the morning.


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