’s Shapiro: Obama’s surge extends down the Potomac

Shattering key demographic barriers, Barack Obama wins again by decisive margins. Will Hillary Clinton come out of a tailspin before it’s too late?

By Walter Shapiro


Feb. 13, 2008 | WASHINGTON — Yawn. Stretch. Nod. Maybe I could close my eyes for a second here at the keyboard. Oh right, a new Democratic election night. With the same inevitable result: Three more landslides for Barack Obama, this time down the Potomac River, from Maryland through the District of Columbia and into Virginia. How boring. That gives Obama seven straight victories in the past week and the unquestioned lead in elected Convention delegates.

In his victory speech Tuesday night in Wisconsin — the site of a Feb. 19 primary that (surprise) Obama is favored to win — he declared, “The politics of hope does not mean hoping things come easy.” But these days, Obama — the candidate, the symbol and the movement — is campaigning on Easy Street.

The Virginia-is-for-lovers results were particularly persuasive as the state hearted Obama by a margin of 64-to-35 percent. According to the exit polls, he won 55 percent of white men and narrowly won the overall white vote. That went along with his staggering 88-percent showing among African-Americans.

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